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Georgia Healthy Family Alliance Wins Program of the Year Award

Deputy Executive Director Kara Sinkule beams with pride to receive the award

The Georgia Healthy Family Alliance (GAFP’s Foundation) was awarded the 2023 Program of the Year award from Pride Philanthropy. Pride Philanthropy is a national fundraising consulting company that focuses on health care nonprofits. They have helped more than 1,000 nonprofits successfully raise donor support from $2 million to more than $100 million. The leaders of Pride Philanthropy, Patti and Jim Lyons, assisted the Alliance through the first-ever capital campaign to raise more than $4 million to advance our mission and goals to keep Georgians healthy.

Situation & Goals

The campaign was structured to raise $4M to fulfill its mission to enhance the well-being of Georgians through outreach programs that promote healthy practices. Another goal of the campaign was to further the organizational capacity of the Alliance to increase the number of community health grants and Tar Wars presentations statewide.


Philanthropically engage and mobilize a statewide association of family practice physicians in their initial, dual-pillar campaign.


  • (1st pillar) Expand physician member-sponsored Community Grants program (also added Immediate Needs Grants during the pandemic) to underserved populations throughout Georgia.
  • (2nd pillar) Implement Tar Wars anti-tobacco and vaping education programs in schools in targeted Strike Force communities.
  • Cultivate and solicit signature gift ($50,000 and above) support from hospitals and corporations statewide.
  • Expand donor-giving clubs with a focus on Caduceus Society ($10,000 and above)
  • Optimize philanthropy director efforts by utilizing physician leaders and senior association staff as volunteer connectors and closers.


  • Exceeded $4 Million
  • 49,000+ Georgia students received Tar Wars education in the 2022-23 school year.
  • Distributed over $500,000 in Community Grants plus 53 Immediate Needs Grants during the campaign.

The Alliance staff were astonished to receive the highest award that Pride Philanthropy designates to one key client annually.  To learn more about your foundation go to